Oct 17

The Cleansing Practice of AH & Tsok Offering for the Six-Armed Mahakala by H.E. Kalu Rinpoche – 28 & 29 October 2023

Online: October Teaching by H.E. Kalu Rinpoche


28th Oct. – The Cleansing Practice of AH – In-depth Instruction (Open to PUBLIC)

The Cleansing Practice of AH , also known as ‘The Purifying AH of Inner Space’, is from the Uncommon Preliminary Practices of the Six Yogas of Niguma where it replaces the usual Vajrasattva purification.

Drawing on both the traditional presentation and supplementary instructions from the Shangpa Masters Tangtong Gyalpo and Taranatha, Rinpoche will teach the sequence of visualisations and their specific applications in detail, to offer you a thorough understanding of this profound practice.


29th Oct. – Tsok Offering for the Six-Armed Protector (ONLY for those who have received the Six-Armed Mahakala Empowerment)

Tsok’ or ‘Ganachakra’ is a Feast Offering where food and drink that is fresh and unused is prepared and offered within the context of a Deity practice, in this case, Chakdrukpa. The food and drink substances are blessed and transformed into Wisdom Nectar, and offered to the Deity and then shared among the practitioners.

Tsok Feasts are a skilful means to repair and purify damaged commitments and disharmony within the community of practitioners and a profound way to gather the accumulations of merit and Wisdom.

The previous Kalu Rinpoche composed several Tsok texts that are quite concise and easy to practice.

Tsok for Chakdrukpa can be offered at any time though the 29th Lunar day is usually the main day and also the days leading up to Losar, Tibetan New Year.


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