Aug 07

Kalu Rinpoche | The Five Dakinis (Afternoon session – Creation and completion)

So good afternoon to all of you.

So today in this afternoon session, I will explain to you, little bit in detail, how to visualize certain deities and then the explanation of the tomorrow’s empowerment.

When we talk about the “visualizing a deity” and the distinction between our own sort of imagination is that imagination doesn’t have sort of a foundation. It’s like a leaf, you know, flowing through the air. Visualization is having a sense of awareness that has a progressive stage as well combined together. And that progressive stage is that first is starting with of course the Refuge and Bodhicitta and all of that. But also that comes with the first important step, is the creation and then completion. And that’s the full understanding about the visualization.

Creation does not only meant visualizing something. The visualization itself can be understood such as visualizing a syllable. Syllable. Visualizing a syllable is also a creation, not necessarily a creation has something to do with the deity only. you know? Such as smallest particle as a syllable is a creation. Anything to do with projecting from your state of mind is a creation. You know? So you don’t have to think about the visualization always have to do with the deity, you know? So the creation means like a small syllable, small object, you know? So that is a creation.

And then the completion is that anything such as, can be vastness, such as a Bodhi Tree with all the Three Jewels or to the Deity or to the syllable or the six-syllable, reducing the shape and the size of that into the state of the emptiness. That is the completion. So not necessarily only to do with the deity form. You know?

By the accumulation of the creation stage practice, the completion stage becomes much more profound over the time. It doesn’t go other way round. It doesn’t go other way around. By the accumulation of the creation stage, as your quality of your mind becomes much more profound and then by the result of that, the completion stage becomes even more profound. It doesn’t go other way around. Okay?


Torma Offering to the Dakinis of the Five Classes Just for Regular Practice
Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche
Paldenshangpa La Boulaye France
DAY 1 – June 27, 2022 – Afternoon session (5/10)

To be continued …