Mar 31

Please consider making an offering to support Kalu Rinpoche’s Monastery in 2023

They will all be future assets to the Buddhadharma and Kalu Rinpoche’s vision for the future.

Dear Friends,

The renovations of the Great Stupa at Kalu Rinpoche’s Monastery in Salugara are complete, thank you to all our sponsors, Lamas and monks for making this possible!

However, renovations are still in progress: there are still around 120 small stupas to be renovated, including residences of the little monks.

Please consider making an offering to support Kalu Rinpoche’s Salugara Monastery.1

The renovations are a significant expenditure for the Monastery, and your continued support is still needed to:

  • Provide food, care and education for the children,2
  • Make sure they have the proper supplies and safe environment for learning,
  • Support the projects of Kalu Rinpoche’s monks and Lamas,
  • Support the renovation works that are still ongoing,
  • Cover the general running costs of the Monastery.

Again, all the monks and Lamas are very grateful for your continued support, and we dedicate all the merits with this prayer composed by Kalu Rinpoche:

Any positive merits, I dedicate to the prosperity of the Buddha-Dharma, to the longevity of all the great masters, to the harmony and wisdom and truthfulness of the worldwide Sanghas, and to the liberation of all the sentient beings from the illusion of samsara.

Love and respect,
Shangpa Kagyu Team – April 1st 2023

1 None of the funds made to the Dharmapala Association go towards the personal use of Kalu Rinpoche. If you wish to make a personal offering to Kalu Rinpoche, please fill in the contact us form.
2 Giving a monthly donation is the best way to help the children.