Jun 10

Timeless Rapture – Kalu Rinpoche Teaches the Vajra Songs of Shangpa Masters – June 21, 2020

A collection of songs titled “A Sea of Blessing” was compiled by Jamgon Kongtrul and translated into English by Ngawang Zangpo in the book Timeless Rapture: Inspired Verses of the Shangpa Masters.

In May, Kalu Rinpoche very kindly shared his insight on the vajra songs of Shangpa masters and answered questions from students in a teaching via ZOOM. He read and explained the verses of Vajradhara, Niguma, Sukhasiddhi, and the first song of Maitripa. This month, Rinpoche will continue his teaching of the Shangpa Gurtso on Sunday, June 21, 6:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time. You can now register via Eventbrite. We look forward to meeting you on ZOOM again to receive these precious teachings.

by Kagyu Kunkhyab Chuling (KKC)

You can now register via Eventbrite