Jan 18

Kalu Rinpoche | Look at the bad mood (Part 1)

Q: How to meditate when you have a bad mood?

A: You look at the bad mood. It’s very simple.

You don’t need a courage to look at the bad mood. You don’t need a strength, like you don’t need a six pack or big arms to look at the bad mood. You examine the bad mood itself. Don’t blame the bad mood, saying that “I’m having a bad mood, bad mood, bad mood”. Just look at the bad mood itself.

You don’t need a courage, you don’t need a strength, you don’t need a miracle, you don’t need a blessing. You just look at the bad mood. The very definition of the bad mood that you strongly believe in. That’s one thing.

The first is that you look at the bad mood. Somebody insult to you, somebody say “Kalu Rinpoche you’re a piece of crap, and you are useless human being” or “you’re not doing good enough, you should do better” or “you are nothing” like try to make you feel completely worthless.

So that is the whole point of becoming a bad mood in the first place. We feel somebody trying to make you feel like you are worth nothing, and so that is the very bridge of becoming a bad mood, or having a bad mood. So when you have a bad mood, just look at the bad mood.

So you look at the bad mood, and then you try to understand. Don’t try to control. Just because you try to control, that will even worsen the idea of removing the “bad” mood. So in order to overcome the bad mood, don’t try to control it.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 4 July 2020

To be continued…