May 06

Kalu Rinpoche | Perspective on Dharma in the modern world (Part 2)

So the yoga comes after the, establishing yourself of the deity practice. The purpose of the deity practice is that you, kind of distance to yourself from the senses. Right now, we are very much attached into “how I look”, “how I sound”, “how I, how, how I am perceived” and “what kind of impression I should give to others” which is ordinary human being, the way we function.

So when you practice the deity, you’re letting go of all the ordinary habits, you are letting go of all the ordinary fixation, and then you are entering into a subtle stage of mindfulness, a subtle stage of awareness. Once you establish that, then it brings some form of a clarity in mind.

But before you start the deity, it is very important to start doing a shamatha, calm abiding meditation, analytical meditation. Just because I teach yoga, doesn’t mean that you prioritise less when it comes to calm abiding meditation or analytical meditation. These are the procedure.

But then when you practice deity, then you naturally, over the time, not instantly, over the time, all the important and the fixation to the senses tend to reduce over the time. As that is reduced, an awareness overwhelms that, and then the clarity maintains it, and then you have a subtle body experience. Not because you “grab” the idea of the subtle body, but rather you revealing yourself.

I like the idea of “revealing yourself”. Because many people they have this idea of “reaching somewhere”, “getting from someone”, “somebody else putting a statue on a top of your head, and then all of a sudden, you realise it” you know? And we have that idea. And it’s great, there’s nothing wrong with it. But you have to understand that yoga is about channelling. So channelling is a very simple foundation, from my understanding.

When we have the non-fixated, some form of awareness, and clarity, and then in order to reinforce, the yoga comes to a place. Yoga does not replace the deity practice. But rather, reinforce your clarity, your awareness, and then it strengthen your foundation and whichever the deity practice that you may be doing.

Like an example, when you maintain your yoga practice, you bring a such a great awareness to your breath, to your physical movement, and your awareness, that even some time when you read the teachings of Milarepa, or the teachings of Niguma, you will tend to have instant devotion, as a, as in a peak of your experience. And that is a form of clarity that you tend to develop.


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Perspective on dharma in the modern world – 4th May 2023

To be continued …