Feb 04

Kalu Rinpoche | Self-awareness (Part 4)

When it comes to the idea of the balance, you know, many people they think that “I need to find the perfect balance, the perfect timing, the perfect circumstance”, I’m not talking about that sort of balance. That is a superficial balance.

So when I say balance, that means awareness of your own perceptions of mind. That is the meaning of genuine awareness. You know? The perceptions of your own mind. Not just the projection of thoughts, not just your opinion, not just your ideas, not just your illusion, but also, you know, your perceptions of self, perception of external, perception of everything. And having awareness of all of these, is true self-awareness.

Otherwise if you say “I have a justification to teach others! To force others! To believe in my ideas!” that is not awareness, that is simply an ignorance, self-righteousness, arrogant individual. You know? So, they also wear different kinds of clothes, interesting clothes, to amaze other people as well, can lead to a deception. Have to be, you know, have to be careful.

Like an example, like Milarepa’s clothes, the white cloth. The meaning of the white cloth, means the body and the mind became, you know, unified as one. And then there’s a great profound realisation, and there’s a needless attitude. But pretending to be like him, does not make him, you do not become him by trying to look like him. You understand?

So therefore, awareness is like that.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 23 January 2022 (15’ 25”)

To be continued…