Jan 22

Kalu Rinpoche | Tonglen practice (Part 2)

So therefore, of course, anybody should do Tonglen practice. And it is absolutely not harmful at all. So try to have less “nam tok“, or less imagination. When I say less imagination, I meant a fearful imagination. So many people when they do Tonglen practice, Chöd practice, they have all this fearful imagination and it’s absolutely useless.

So therefore when you do Tonglen practice, try to embrace your compassion and try to open your heart and your mind and say “I generously give to all the sentient beings, of all my positivity, and accumulation that I have accumulated until now, and I take all the sentient beings negativity, into my body, speech and mind. Therefore, by the result of that, all of their negativity is completely dissolved, permanently dissolved, and now they have the plant and the seed to reach the enlightened mind.

And then with that joyful mindset attitude, and then you meditate a little bit, in that mind. Then if there’s some negativity, projection of thoughts arise in your mind, in that very moment, then you just simply look. Look towards that, and nothing else. You don’t have to say “that is good”, “that is bad”, or “maybe because of my past life, present life, future life”, all that. All these are unnecessary gossip. So minimize that by itself, by simply witnessing, by simply looking towards it.

So that’s that.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 17 January 2020

To be continued…